I’m an inspiration coach, team consultant and meditation teacher, but that isn’t what I’ve always done.  And cool as a cucumber ain’t what I’ve always been.  In the 11 years I spent living around the world; in Tokyo, London, Sydney, New York and Bali, working in fashion, I suffered from anxiety, identified with titles and expectations, was drowning in stress and deadlines, and found myself wondering, “Is this it?” time and again.


Those feelings and heavy doubts about the world lead me to start my search…for a deeper meaning to my life, for tools to help me stop the anxiety and turn that energy into confidence and creativity.  I looked for ways be happy where I was at and what it would take to feel an inner peace, living from a place of integrity.


Through my journey, I came to understand things in a new light and gained tools and techniques that shifted my entire world.  Eventually it came time for me to teach and share what I know.  With a diverse draw to the arts, design, fashion, yoga and meditation, I coach people to strengthen and develop all the pillars of life…

Working with businesses, creatives & artists to hone and cultivate their craft, produce their highest quality creativity and innovation, and build inspired teams and community – with each person fulfilling their passions in their role.

Coaching with individuals, supporting them to make their highest vision of themselves come alive. Creating epic results through unleashing their highest creativity, talent, power and confidence.

I coach people to tune into their true selves and who they were born to be.  Teaching them meditation and other techniques to find inner peace, create space, communicate clearly and live with grace.

As a Certified Passion Test coach, I help people get clear on their passions and become driven by their compelling cause.  So that they can live from a place of integrity and passion and become one of the most amazing, successful and passionate people they know!

I lead people to stop…stop the chaos in their minds, stop allowing their loudest excuses run their lives, stop self sabotaging patterns.  And birth a new powerful and creative mindset, while maintaining focus in this world of information over load.

Where I’ve been…

I started into my adult years obsessed with being everything all at once, getting all the experiences I desired and was willing to go to incredible lengths in order to have, do, and be it all at once.  I moved to Tokyo at age 22 and began working in the fashion industry that lead me to incredible connection and career opportunities in London, Sydney and New York.

It all sounds peachy keen, I know.  However I came to a point of total dissatisfaction; doing all these incredible things but still feeling empty and overrun by stress.  I started to realize that I was so deep down a road of pleasing others and identifying with my titles that I pretty much forgot how to check in with the real me.  It took an anvil dropping, the kind from the cartoons when you were a kid, in the form of not being allowed to go home to the city I was living, that caused me to stop and really look at my life.  The rug had been pulled out from under me.  I realized that no matter how freaking hard I worked, no matter who I shmoozed with and no matter what I achieved, there was always this feeling of something missing.  Only I had never slowed down enough and checked in with my true self to begin to know what was missing.  It was that dramatic twist in my life that lead me to begin my search for the missing element in my life.

Having worked in the fashion industry around the world for 10 years, I only knew myself as that fashion girl.  But as I learned tools to slow down and open up, I realized there was no way to define me, I was not my name, not my title, not my body, not my emotions. I learned that I am infinite.  And through consciousness and different techniques, I could lift the anxiousness that crippled me for so many years, I could create a space and openness in a world that was spinning around me, I could be ruled by my inner desires and love instead of being governed by stress and drama, I could love myself and it had nothing to do with my physical appearance.  I could love someone else and have them love me without putting on a mask to protect myself. 

Eventually leaving the fashion industry to deepen my knowledge in mindfulness, I began my work with women; sharing with them what I had come to know, inspiring them to find their passions, teaching them to love themselves, live their purpose and show them how to make money doing it.  Through this work I have been lead back to the world I was in before in a whole new light.  I am so thrilled to be bringing all the light, love and vastness that I have learned to cultivate back to the fast paced world of fashion, design, advertising and to any creative being looking for more and craving a peace and vastness in their life.