Steep in stillness

by | Mar 20, 2016

Equinox offers up a beautiful time to pause for a moment between seasons, just as our ancestors did, as the newness of spring paws at the door.

Just as in yoga or any form of training; for a marathon or training your muscles; all growth and expansion (physical, spiritual, emotional) happens during the rest period, savasana, the space between the completion and starting up again. It’s in these moments of in-between that we recalibrate and all that we’ve done, learned, absorbed, and become truly sets in.  We let ourselves steep in stillness, releasing the past, and clearing space for possibilities.

Take some time today to ground down, breathe, connect to your roots, become centered in your Self. Make peace with where you’ve been and all you have come through.  It’s time to clear space for the new.

Ask yourself this today…

Is there something I’ve been avoiding, resisting or judging without giving it a chance?

Have I closed myself off, or been hiding, living in fear?

Is it possible this thing or situation could actually serve me and my vision?

Take a few long deep breaths and rise above, seeing your life in its entirety from a birds eye view, gaining perspective.


From this place, recognize what to do…

Either make a decision to let that go and let it melt away with the winter snow,

Or if you can see the possibility and how it could serve you and your vision, make space to embrace it.

No matter which you choose, be clear and commit to opening up to and making room for what lies ahead.

When we label something a problem, it becomes just that.  But if you change your approach and your language and label it an opportunity, you’re likely to see things differently and be driven to lean into the unknown and let the possibility guide you.

Embrace this beautiful time of transition, as the seasons change. Plant the seeds in the garden of your vision and trust in the process and possibility that awaits.


Happy Equinox beauties!