Hi, I’m Amber Joy.

I work with individuals & teams; creative & inspired people who are ready to step into their power, expand their creativity & confidence and make their highest vision for themselves come alive.

I’ll help you to create epic results, know your purpose and bring to this world what you were born to bring, while overcoming self sabotaging patterns, anxiety, drama and doubt.  Opening you up to incredible possibilities and shine so bright that everyone around you notices.

You have an amazing power in you to create greatness.  If you’re ready to unleash that power and upgrade your life, I’d love to work with you and support you in getting all that you desire out of this life.

Amber Joy


Work With Me

Working with a coach can be one of the most powerful things you do.  When you work with me, we dig deep to come to know what you truly desire, what’s getting in your way, and where you want to (and need to) grow and change. I’ll  support and guide you, give you tools, help you break down walls, build new foundation, and finally, I’ll hold you accountable.  You’ll be lead to feel the injection of positivity, peace, and momentum in your life as you begin to live a life by design versus just struggling to keep up.

What to expect from working with me…


Live your Vision

Get clear on your purpose so that you can bring it as best you can, living from a place of passion & integrity!  Make decisions with ease, do what you love and know your life is headed in the direction of your choice.

Expand your Creativity!

Learn special techniques to help you unleash your highest creativity and talent, and create transformation, growth and opportunity from your problems. Gain confidence in your abilities and count on your incredible capacity.

Ditch the Drama!

Discover how to quiet your mind and slow things down, no longer being a slave to the stress, deadlines and drama.  Stop the excuses and the self sabotage and start exuding confidence and practising focus.

Take care of #1

Learn how self care can create a huge shift in your work and love life; discover how you can take care of you and your business, career and relationships all at the same time.

Sayonara Waste Case!

Find a place of stillness, inner peace and happiness, while being focused and productive.  No more wasting time, energy and resources…get down to what is essential & effective.

Disconnect No More!

Close the gap between how you really feel, who you really are and how you actually show up.  Reach and express your full potential through true self expression.

Time to Re-route?

If you find yourself wanting to change tracks, get guidance and support in knowing your direction and creating a smooth and prosperous change.

What people are saying…


I am in the early stages of starting my business and was in real need of guidance and support, largely around my own self belief in achieving my goals. Having coaching calls with Amber was the best decision I have made so far in my business journey. I feel like I have achieved so much in such a short space of time and that’s largely thanks to the creative brainstorming, guidance, goal setting and reflection Amber facilitated during our coaching calls. Amber brings a really warm, accepting and kind approach to each session whilst challenging and encouraging me to develop, stretch and believe in myself. She also offered up a number of practical and effective exercises for me to try, practice and complete in my own time which I found really useful too.
I am based in the UK and didn’t find the geographical distance a barrier in the slightest. Amber was always quick to respond to emails, questions or cries for help! I would highly recommend Amber as a coach to anyone, wherever you are on the planet!
Joanna Hulin

Horizon Retreats

I had the pleasure of being referred to Amber Joy when I was feeling at a real loss in my life. My career seemed stunted and I was unable to find joy in a job I had worked so hard to get. My relationship was suffering because of my unhappiness at work and I felt stuck in so many ways. I began working with Amber and she helped me discover what I was really passionate about, and how to follow that call to create abundance. She gave me tools and meditations to use in relating with my partner and our relationship blossomed, because my relationship with my Self began to heal. I had no idea when I began working with Amber Joy how my life would shift, but I am so grateful for the tremendous transformation that has taken place inside me, and out.


Amber Joy is a gift to the fellow female artist. She serves as a guide and Sister to women who seek to find clarity in their artistic and life path. She holds an extraordinary ability to take a web of ideas and provide a step-by-step process for any type of student to follow. As an artist, life enthusiast and world traveler, she has a story of her own that provides her with the experience to relate to anyone who has fallen and lost their way, but has the desire to pick up the pieces and keep moving. If you have an opportunity to work with Amber, it will change the way you look at the universe and the way you look at your own ability to manifest whatever vision you hold for yourself in this life.
Kaelen Ohm - Musician, Actor & Director

Amber is an incredibly bright, driven woman. Her enthusiastic, no-drama approach to creating clarity and alignment through skillful coaching is refreshing and beautiful. She has the ability to recognize and bring forth the potential that lies within her clients by shining light on their strengths, talents, and passions. Her open, direct dialogue guides the people she works with along a clear path to understanding their visions and bringing them to life. Releasing confusion, doubt, and excuses, Amber’s confident abilities bring out the same qualities in everyone who surrounds her. She truly embodies a divine brilliance that moves through her gracefully as she speaks both one-on-one and in a group environment. I’m grateful for every moment I spend with Amber, as I’m constantly absorbing and putting into practice everything she has to offer.


Amber Joy came into our office environment as a consultant to create management structure and cohesiveness. She did this in a very professional yet heart-centered way. I loved her enthusiasm and commitment to serving each person that was apart of our management team. I felt personally supported, yet understood that support to be for the benefit of the team. In many ways she facilitated me discovering a greater potential within myself. Amber Joy took our team from a place of confusion and blurred lines to a place of empowered productivity. I would highly recommend hiring her for future consultation.


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