Upcoming Workshops…

Kundalini Yoga

Every Friday I offer up Kundalini yoga teachings as passed down from Yogi Bhajan. Breathe through the blocks, shed old patterns, ditch the drama, enhance your radiance and expand your intuition. “Life is a continuous vibration of up + down. And in this up + down, learn to be neutral; seated in your own spiritual integrity.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Fridays 9:30am – 11

The Dharma Temple

Sunday May 8th

Become fearless, tune into your intuition and expand your creativity.  This vibrant 2 hour workshop hosted just off the beach in Sayulita, Mexico will take you on a journey, cracking you open and elevating you through Kundalini Yoga techniques, meditation and movement.

Sunday May 8th, 10am – 12pm

Moon Shala – Sayulita, MX

Tuesday May 17th

When women come together, an energy is ignited and sisterhood forms.  As part of Las Diosas beautiful women’s surf & yoga retreat, I’ll be leading a workshop to enliven the wild, divine, graceful fire that burns inside each women. Inspiring an inner connection felt deep in the core, heightening intuition, and radiating beauty from the inside out.

Las Diosas, Sayulita, MX

Indigo + Authenticity

Bringing together all of my favorite things in a double-decker workshop. I’ll be talking about authenticity, getting super real, leading you through a powerful kundalini workshop, meditation, and then we’ll be busting out the alchemy.  That’s right, I’m bringing you my favorite hands on craft I learned in the mountains in Japan.  Watching the fabric alchemize and oxidize is much like watching a person connect to their soul and flourish into who they are here to be.

Details coming soon!